Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is not another day in paradise, not for everyone. Chrysler is going to file for bankruptcy and US returning military soldiers were listed on a watch list for possibly becoming too 'right wing'. The president in the first 100 days will be known for forcing the use of your tax dollars for the slaughter of children still in the womb. Jesus Christ is against this for sure. Wonder if Jesus is on the new liberal homeland security list????

did I hear a Ya Vol?

The gays want a silent gay day, the satanists are planning for Walpurgis day. A women in a dark brown car tried to abduct a little 7 year old girl here in our area, police are on the look out. These are the ritual dates that involve abduction and holding victims for sacrifice..........most Americans would have no clue of this. Watch out for your children and pray against radical evil.

Hope you can join us today on the Ragged Edge

Russ Dizdar

See some of you on Sunday night

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