Friday, November 26, 2010

THE ANTICHRIST'S CHECK BOOK ......follow the money!

What a strange title this is for sure but we need to look at this as we
connect the dots of coming end time events.

It is very clear that any government that runs/rules a nation must have
money! The nazis did and that's why they confiscated, skimmed off, stole and
assimilated all the gold, money and assets they could....for they're cause. The
funds they stole and acquired were used to run they're regime, military ,
scientific quests and the death camps too!

Remember the Nazis and how they needed, took and used massive amounts of stolen wealth.


So in thinking about  THE RISE OF HOMOSATANAS (Antichrist) we know three
things for sure.
1. His rise involves collapsing other nations and their economies to pave
the way to his arrival
2. He will have to amass billions and hold them in secrecy while he/they
(luciferians) build their regime and prepare it for rising to globalist
3. Homosatanas will need more money than any government all of
human history accomplish all that is planned.
4 Homosatanas will need more military funding that any military system that
ever existed.
5 Homosatanas will need to fund a political global system and that must
include funding the regime (elites) itself.
6 Homosatanas will need to fund his government, military, people,
communications, food chain and control of all segments of society.

No regime in all of human history will have more, need more, take more and
use more money than this (already existing hidden ready to surface regime)
luciferic global empire. Babylon, Greece, Rome the USA or the sum of all Europe
etc will all pale in comparison to this acquisition and use of economic wealth
that antichrist and his regime will have.

So in all this will the Catholic systems known and hidden wealth have
anything to do with antichrists check book?
I will scream a prophetic resounding YES.

Do you think for a moment that the antichrist hidden regime hasn't accessed
where all the money is? Do you think for a moment that the antichrist and his
regime wont take/acquire the billions sitting there?
As I think through this I am forced to consider this; are the billions upon
billions stored up in the catholic system (both know and hidden) there because
infiltrating (shadow luciferians) servants of the coming antichrist have
channeled the wealth in that direction for decades?
The catholic system historically is a combination of self serving politics,
syncretistic religious/spiritual aspects, new age liberal teaching, a thin
veneer of christian teaching and deep luciferic infiltration. Its clear to most
that the catholic system is in no way a pure christian church/denomination in
any biblical sense at all. So the issue is not just corruption of biblical
truth,mission and morals. The issue is... the hidden unseen 'smoke of satan'
shadow regime that may control the billions of dollars stored within.

In a live broadcast (achieved) on shatter the darkness (.net) for November
26th 2010 I spend an hour expanding this issue. It is my estimation and in my
opinion the anitchirst and his regime already exist in the shadows and are in
place  waiting for its day.

I believe that the antichrist and his 'team' (Revelation 12:1-2)

1 Has acquired massive wealth to fund its agenda, rise and coming control
of the globe
2 Is seeking to control the worlds economic scene and is the cause behind
the current crisis, economic threats and destabilization.
3 That the antichrist and his regime like a thief who has stalked the
neighborhood knows where all goods the anticrhst regime knows where
great sums of wealth, wealth holders and assets are.

I am sure that they're eyes are on every possible stream, storehouse of
wealth and where the bars of gold are located.

Watchers keep your eyes on the shadow wealthy elite. Watch where the money
is going, were the the stock piles are and who is moving the bucks to a central
location. As you watch you can be sure luciferic recon agents and watchers are
doing the same....they have been doing this long before you have.

Russ Dizdar
Listen live Monday thru Friday 6pm est LIVE RADIO


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