Monday, May 11, 2009

THE RAGGED EDGE will return soon

The Ragged Edge will return soon. See for more info
We have equipment damage and are waiting on the new stuff. I will be back asap....
Thank you for checking


Sunday, May 3, 2009


This week on the Ragged Edge we will look into the work behind globalism and politics. We will look at the rise of evil and the violence of Muslims in Pakistan. We shall also have a Word of Life each day to live by.

Monday May 4Th Islam and Violence
Psalm 83

Tuesday May 5Th Islam and Allah
Psalm 18

Wednesday May 6Th Islam and the holocaust
Psalm 145

Thursday May 7 Off Line today back tomorrow

National Day of Prayer..........We will pray for today .Where is Obama? he is not going to the prayer meeting, he is avoiding the national day of prayer??? We shall pray for him to.....

Friday May 8Th Islam and the Mahdi
Psalm 2

Who is the 'guided one' of the Muslims?

Russ Dizdar

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